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Tammy Lyn Carbol

Writing is the be​st way to talk without being interrupted


This is a short excerpt from a book I have been working on for years - I start and then I stop again, ALL THE TIME. 

I intend on finishing it this year. By putting it out there, I feel I will be compelled to complete it.

Tim McBain ambled down the boardwalk of Venus Beach looking for the store. Looking up to find the Twilight sign, he entered and walked up to the pretty blonde woman behind the counter. Dressed in khaki shorts and t-shirt, he seemed the all American kid. Nineteen years old with short-cropped brown hair, brown eyes and a beguiling smile, he looked like the captain of his football team. Amazing how outward appearances could be so deceiving. 

He had heard rumours about an employee here, and wanted to see if they were true. Inside his mind were things he wanted her to see. He needed someone to see.

He looked at the blonde and suddenly got the inkling she was the one he was looking for. He leaned across the counter, took her hand, smiled and said “what do you see?” 

Angel Cohen thought “here we go again”. This kind of thing has been happening all week, so she hadn’t thought anything different would happen. She knew the stories were going around about her and she was doing her best to ignore them. She figured she would see images of a happy family, cheerleader girlfriend, the American dream. She had been dead wrong. 

Looking directly into Tim’s eyes, she tried to go inside his mind. Suddenly, she had a quick flash of a terrified girl running through the woods looking over her shoulder and screaming. The girl looked strangely familiar, but Angel couldn’t place her. Startled, her eyes flew open as she gasped and quickly withdrew her hands from his.  

He seemed extremely pleased with himself and leaned over the counter. “I just wanted someone to know” he whispered, and quietly and calmly walked out the door.