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Tammy Lyn Carbol

Writing is the be​st way to talk without being interrupted

A Little Bit of TLC


Me and my big mouth...

Posted on June 25, 2011 at 6:23 PM Comments comments ()
Ugh...okay - going to try this again as I wrote a fabulous blog (in my mind anyway), then tried to post it, but alas, I erased it instead.  Wow..awesome. Can you tell I'm new at blogging?

I attended our Alberta Romance Writers Association meeting on Thursday night where we had a presentation of our 5-year plan, board reports, election of Board members, our summer writing commitments, announcement of upcoming events/programs, and the release of our Treasures Along The Fenceline 2011 issue.

Our 5-year plan is looking fabulous!

2011-2012 - 25th Anniversary Celebration in May 2012
2012-2013 - Bus trip to Surrey Conference
2013-2014 - Writers Retreat
2014-2015 - ARWA's "Book On Writing" release
2015-2016 - Virtual Conference

When we began discussing our summer commitments I piped up I would just take my handy dandy little iPhone and pull up my blog, where I had written my goals for the end of July on my new blog that I had on my writers website.  I wrote them out on our little white file card and handed it in with the rest of the members.  In September, the Secretary reads out everyone's summer writing commitments to see how many of them we achieved.

I said it would be easy for me to ensure I did mine as I now had people watching me to nag me into finishing my goals, thanks to my website and blog.  Blah blah blah I went on.

Well, guess what? Guess who will be giving a talk on "blogging and websites and how it can help market you as a writer" on our Saturday, November 12th meeting? You betcha...the big mouth!

I'm hoping by that time, I will have gotten used to putting up writing, updating my website, writing more, submitting writing, and keeping my blog updated and active in order to be able to give an informative talk to our ARWA members.

If you want to write, or learn more about the craft of writing, don't let our name fool you!!! There are many types of writers in Alberta Romance Writers Association - not just romance writers.  I have been a member since 2000, and it has helped me creatively and given me great information on the craft of writing.  

Go to for more information on how you can become a full member or associate member - and come join us for our meeting in September! I'm so looking forward to our 25th Year!!! Go ARWA!!!  Come join us and be among other writers who know what you as a writer go through.  Share your creativity and bond with others who share your passion for writing!!!