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Tammy Lyn Carbol

Writing is the be​st way to talk without being interrupted

A Little Bit of TLC


Ahhh...the memories...

Posted on July 13, 2011 at 3:25 PM Comments comments ()
Well, I'm slowly continuing on with my goal of adding past writing to this website. Just added some poems to the "Moons, Fairies, Nature" page.  I mean, I KNOW I love moons, fairies, forests and nature - but WOW, I must have been on some kind of "Nature Bender" in 2000 to have written so many poems about it!!  Not all of my poems from that year were of that topic, but it seems a vast number of them were, so felt the need to cull it down a bit. There's only so many poems on fairies and tree people can take.

Though it HAS been rather cool to go back and read some of my stuff from 11 years ago.  Some of them I'm reading and thinking "OMG seriously? I sound like a hippie" or "good
grief what the hell was I thinking!?" - but others I'm reading and I still like them.  

I smile while re-reading some of them as some were written about specific people, and I'm the only person who knows who they are truly about.  (Those poems aren't up yet, so don't go leaving the blog to rush to a page to try to figure out who they are. LOL) It's just interesting to capture a moment in time in writing and be able to remember it so vividly.  Pretty cool.  It's times like those I'm happy I am a writer, and also wanting to kick myself in the ass for not writing MORE than I currently do. Though this will change as it's one of my goals this year -" get off ass, write more".

This may not matter to anyone else, but I love the fact the majority of my poetry has a rhythm to it...and that I usually rhyme them.  I like to read them aloud sometimes for the sheer sound of it, it's almost lyrical sometimes.  How groovy...

I don't intentionally rhyme my writing, it just kind of happens...*poof*.  I've always done that, even when small and writing I did that - comes naturally. 

I remember one day thinking 'I'm going to write one of those damn EPIC poems that goes on and on and on"...and I know I tried, but think I gave up as by the third page it was getting rather annoying to myself.

Well, just noticed my lunch hour is over and I should get back to work.  Will continue more writing later...