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Tammy Lyn Carbol

Writing is the be​st way to talk without being interrupted

A Little Bit of TLC


Secret Societies and Breathless Press...Oh My!

Posted on January 28, 2014 at 10:21 AM
Well now, it HAS been quite a week this past 7 days or so!!! Mind you, it has been quite a Fall/Winter season, and being the lazy ass that I am, I haven't updated my blog OR my website (with current information and pictures!).   I will now remedy that.
Well, after the talk we had from Justin Perry at Breathless Press last Thursday night( at our Alberta Romance Writers meeting - I believe I finally got the kick in my ass to start doing some writing AND some "marketing" of myself.  Ironically, it was the day before that my best friend and I decided I should finish my manuscript this year and she would complete a course she wanted to take.  When it all falls together - the signs come from everywhere, don't they?
So...super quick update on the non-writing...finished our stint as Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron of our Order of the Eastern Star Chinook Chapter 133.  I am still an officer this year but Roger is not so he gets a break and will stay home with David when I have meetings this year.
I believe we did an okay job as WP and WM, and even held our Chapters 50th Anniversary Party (see fabulous shot of us here). 
It was a good year but we were quite worn out at the end of it - it was David's first year and we almost always had him with us at the meetings.  We are thankful that the ladies and gentlemen of Chinook Chapter all love David and would vie for babysitting duties! Our Chapter is fantastic and accepted David into the meetings with no problem, and for that we are eternally grateful!
On Thursday, January 23, 2014, we had Justin Perry from Breathless Press come to speak to the Alberta Romance Writers Association.  It was a very eye-opening experience and I was thrilled to find out he was based out of Calgary, with employees all over the world.  He spoke not only about the genres they publish, but also information on marketing (meaning the authors need to market themselves as well as the publishing houses).  Again - please go check out their website for both e-books and print books!!!
I thought he was fantastic and very informative, and after the heart-to-heart talk with my bestie the day before about our "plans" for ourselves for 2014, it felt like the final nudge to get me off my ass and writing again. 
I find it extremely hard to write at home when I'm with David because frankly, wouldn't YOU rather play with this adorable face than write? I know I like to - and he LOVES books by the way.  He can't read yet, but sometimes he lets Mommy read them to him and other times he's like "yeah, you are taking too much time" and just wants to turn pages, but he WILL sit down and turn pages for like 15-20 minutes.  I am hoping that is a sign that he will love to read.  That's what I'm going to believe...
Anyway - I have made the promise to myself I will use my lunch hour to write at least 2 or 3 times per week.  At least!  This way, I am not distracted by a wonderful full gut giggle and large smile - AND I can concentrate for that one hour and "get 'er done".
I started last week and I am already making a forward motion with my manuscript - I will concentrate on taking one day at a time and just keep writing.
Lastly, oh I HAD to talk about the wonderful Robbie Burns Night we attended last night, held by St. Mark's Masonic Lodge (was at a legion). Such a fantastic site seeing all the Scotsmen running around in their kilts - I really think my husband should get one.  He's not Scottish, but come on!!!
The Toast to the Haggis was phenominally done and I gorged myself on Haggis and triffle (for dessert).  Such a wonderful evening spent with really good-hearted and loving people.  I have ever yet to attend a Masonic event I didn't enjoy. 
I also will do my best (and with the kick in the ass my best friend will give me) update my blog FAR more often, even with the "I'm sucking and can't write anything right now" posts...gotta take the good with the bad, right?
2014 is my year.  I just need to do the hard work to make it successful - because it's not just going to come sit in my lap!

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