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Tammy Lyn Carbol

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A Little Bit of TLC


When Words Collide!!! WOOT!!!

Posted on April 29, 2014 at 6:17 PM
Sooo tremendously excited!!! My fabulous husband has agreed to watch our little monkey the entire weekend so I can attend When Words Collide, here in Calgary August 8, 9 and 10, 2014 at the Carriage House Inn!
If you don't know, WWC is a Readercon!!! It's a festival for readers, writers, artists and publishers of commercial and literary fiction, including genre, YA, Childrens books, and Poetry.
Special Guests are:
Very excited to be attending as an ARWA member - AND since Diana Gabaldon is my sisters FAVOURITE author (the "Outlander" Series) she is coming with me!!! I not only get to attend, but I get to hang out for a stint in the ARWA hospitality suite, help out at the ARWA information table, AND I have been asked to sit on the "Writing Hot" panel! (frankly, nervous about that one, but hey, what the hell!)
If you are dying to know the program - see this link!!! Lots to do for both writers AND readers!  Fantastic weekend planned!! hmmm....I know I should dress nice, but still debating if my sister and I will be wearing these gems...
I've never attended a Readercon before and I'm very excited! I love ARWA and it's members are a constant inspiration for me.  Even though I can't always make the meetings now (hard to find a babysitter during the week!), I keep up to date with ARWA's Twitter page, Facebook page, and website
My goal this year is to submit TWO of my manuscripts in - I have GOT to do it - I have to take the plunge (well, technically, I have to finish them first!) and just trust in the Universe they will find their way to where they need to be!!!
This summer I intend to spend lots of time outside in my backyard - so while little monkey is playing...Mommy be writing.  I found a picture of my DREAM backyard, which frankly, I couldn't have in the Calgary climate year-round anyway, but thought I'd share. 
Now tell me...wouldn't YOU feel like writing romance novels if YOU were in this backyard? <sigh> I just absolutely LOVE this backyard.
And, I must add a pic of my little monkey...who was tremendously excited to attend a giant book sale with Grandma, Auntie, Cousin and Mommy this past weekend.  Can't you tell?
Although he IS sleeping, he honestly DOES love his books, and he is only 20 months old! He loves for Mommy or Daddy to read to him OR he will just sit there with a book in his lap and turn the pages while studying it most seriously.  It IS rather adorable and I am hoping he enjoys books as much as his parents do as he gets older! I think he will!!!

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