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Tammy Lyn Carbol

Writing is the be​st way to talk without being interrupted

A Little Bit of TLC


Wow, didn't I drop the ball?

Posted on December 6, 2017 at 6:32 PM
So wow...almost a year since I was "going to write all the time" in my blog. Well, that didn't happen (obviously). It's been a year of flux and changing my entire life around.

In March we had to make the decision for me to become a full-time-stay-at-home mom. I hadn't been able to obtain employment - an average of an interview a month, but no job. EI was running out, and daycare was $1400/month so we talked about it and decided I'd stay at home.  So notice was given to the daycare and as of May 1st of this year I've been at home.

Luckily during this transition (mostly since August) I have:

  1. Attended When Words Collide - fantastic conference!
  2. Become an Independent Tupperware Consultant 
  3. Back teaching belly dance at Soul Connexion Studio
  4. Began working part-time-ish for 3 authors and a social media company doing virtual assistant work.
  5. Have completed my year as Worthy Matron of Chinook Chapter #133  (ends this Friday)
  6. In June was elected President of the Alberta Romance Writers' Association (my first time was 2007)
  7. Watched our son begin kindergarten

So I have kept busy. During May - August, little monkey and I were outside A LOT enjoying the summer and then he began school. Being home I can walk him to school and pick him up each day (it's amazing the amount of time they AREN'T in school!). So I do really count myself lucky. I am the co-volunteer coordinator at his school as well, so I help the volunteers and I volunteer myself. It keeps me active with his school and getting to know the teachers, parents and kids - which is a wonderful thing.

I am enjoying doing some work for the authors and it brings in a little bit of income. I am thrilled being back teaching as I have truly missed it. Finally, becoming President of ARWA again and being able to represent such a fantastic group of writers and authors is so incredibly rewarding. 

Only, I'm not writing anything :(

Although, Sue Bergman from ARWA gave us a spectacular presentation to our members on Scrivener - so I have the program and intend on trying to find some time to write. Honestly, I will try.

In the meantime, I will cut myself some slack and continue doing what I'm doing.

Write On...

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